Kirsty O'Brien is a highly regarded mindset coach. With over 17 years experience in her field Kirsty brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience.


Kirsty specialises in developing effective culture champions in your workplace. Driving culture change initiatives that boost employee wellbeing and business bottom lines.  

With a mindfulness based approach, Kirsty helps entrepreneurs enhance business success without neglecting their mental health. Teaching strategies that help you deal with stress more effectively and lead with more self awareness and empathy.

Kirsty is genuine, relatable and simplistic in her approach. With a proven track record of helping people make lasting and sustainable changes for greater happiness, fulfillment and wellbeing.

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Mindfulness helps you become more resilient and confident in how you relate to your everyday experiences. 

I know this because my own mindfulness practice was slowly built, day by day, in a children's cancer ward.

In 2014 my youngest daughter was gifted with a bone marrow transplant after a relapse with Leukaemia at age 4. As a parent to have your child go through cancer is soul destroying. To have it happen twice is indescribable. 

We began practicing meditation daily as a way to holistically support Ava during intense chemotherapy and radiation and to help lower our stress as a family. Implementing other small mindful actions each day that helped us to to feel that we had some certainty in a life that was so uncertain. 

The most powerful transformation I experienced  was that it bought my mind back to my body. Giving me a more adaptive response to the stress I was experiencing. In a situation where I had no control I finally learnt how to surrender, get out of my own way and just enjoy each moment for what it was. ​

We all face stressors daily. Our own expectations and thinking, relationships, managing work and family life.. now throw in a global pandemic. Our mind and body is under constant attack without us even realising it most of the time.


Yet how often do we consciously tend to our mind? Or even know how to soothe and regulate our own nervous system?

Knowing how to calm and self soothe while under chronic stress stopped me from burning out. I also believe it helped my daughter return to vibrant health and develop the growth mindset she has today. Becoming more mindful supporting the mental health and wellbeing of my entire family.

Mindfulness - a life changing practice - so utterly simple and accessible.​ Not "woo woo" or crazy. Just a way of being that cuts through the chaos of the world and brings us back to center. Which is exactly why I now  integrate mindfulness into all of my executive coaching and team programs. 

Your future is being created by your thinking in this moment.

Each moment you get to decide the life you want.


But that only happens if you do the work to get off autopilot.


Mindfulness stops you from being controlled by your thoughts and emotions in even the most turbulent storms of life


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Kirsty is a wonderful coach! She showed me how to stop draining my energy, how to make decisions and have confidence in myself. It has been like having a good friend who has your best interest at heart and also knows what to say when you need help. I was in a very low place when I was introduced to Kirsty and couldn't see how to get out of the negativity that was surrounding me, through working with Kirsty I learnt a lot about myself and about others. She would listen and advise but also just help me see the answers for myself. Kirsty has helped me discover myself in a new way and I love the new me. I am doing things I never thought I would and never had the confidence for. I am so grateful to Kirsty for all her help. 


"Kirsty is the real deal! She walks her talk and makes meditation easy. Kirsty’s knowledge and encouragement helps you build meditation and mindfulness into a life long habit. I would recommend Kirsty to anyone who is looking to connect with themselves and reap the benefits of a regular meditation practice."



Kirsty has such an incredible gift to lead you to that FEELING of believing in yourself, having flow, and creating space in your life to truly choose what lights you UP. I've been struggling on and off with setting up my Health coaching business for a few months now and Kirsty blew a light and fire underneath me to enable me to feel such joy and alignment within my business that I haven't had in a long time. The support, accountability and phenomenal course content you receive is incredible and soulfully designed around YOU.


If you are needing someone in your corner to breathe light, alignment and life changing ways of being, Kirsty IS your woman. So f-ing grateful for these past 4 weeks. LOVE YOUR WAYS LADY.