I began working with Kirsty about 5 years ago now and I can wholeheartedly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! This wonderful, kind hearted, calm and extremely knowledgeable lady has helped me to navigate through some deeply tough times in my life. Times that I honestly feel I wouldn’t have gotten through as strongly or as well without her guidance. I have never felt anything but 100% comfortable with Kirsty and feel so grateful to have found her. I had previously been working with a therapist who I just didn’t connect with in the same way. I truly couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

The beauty is in how she just gets it and her coaching expands into so many areas of my life. When I need her she is there.  I just want to say a huge thank you THANK YOU Kirsty.


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Well I knew that affirmations and manifesting should be a big part of my morning routine so like we all do these days I looked on Instagram and found Kirsty O’Brien. I sent her an email asking her about her services and she told me about her 90 Minute Alignment Session; so I booked that! I got on a call with her and it was simply wonderful.

She helped me plan out my morning routine and how to talk to myself for my affirmations, which if you are new to affirmations, like myself; it can be kind of uncomfortable or awkward to talk to yourself in that way.

She helped me get more comfortable back with mindset blocks and to overcome limiting thoughts; as well as helped me realize that certain actions such as hitting my snooze button so many times are self sabotage.



Kirsty is one of the most beautiful, kind hearted people I know! From working with her for just a short time she has pretty much turned my whole perception around.


She is so supportive and has given me super simple steps to use to turn my mindset around and start reaching my goals. I could not recommend her enough!!



I have just completed the 4 week mastermind with the incredible Kirsty, I have had the pleasure of working with her before, I was so so excited to work with her again.

If I could use one word to sum up the last 4 weeks it would be ALIGNED. Kirsty has such an incredible gift to lead you to that FEELING of believing in yourself, having flow, and creating space in your life to truly choose what lights you UP. I've been struggling on and off with setting up my Health coaching business for a few months now and Kirsty blew a light and fire underneath me to enable me to feel such joy and alignment within my business that I haven't had in a long time.I know I will keep on working with her because of this. The support, accountability and phenomenal course content you receive in this mastermind is incredible and soulfully designed around YOU.If you are needing someone in your corner to breathe light, alignment and life changing ways of being, Kirsty IS your woman. So f-ing grateful for these past 4 weeks.LOVE YOUR WAYS LADY